Games Like Frostpunk: The Top 9 Similar Games


These games aren’t the same as Frostpunk, although they are comparable. What they do is allow you to focus on survival in the manner that Frostpunk does. Survival is another theme that has been observed in similar games.

Most of these recommendations come from what other people who have played Frostpunk also really enjoyed, so while the games may not be exactly the same style, you will notice similarities.

  1. Northgard
  2. Banished
  3. Surviving Mars
  4. They Are Billions
  5. Rimworld
  6. Oxygen Not Included
  7. Dawn of Man
  8. Aven Colony
  9. Staxel

Here are the 9 games that are like Frostpunk which you may enjoy:


If you enjoy the idea of playing as an Ice Age leader, then Northgard offers a similar experience. You manage your clans’ growth and demographics while also making choices about which resources to take advantage of (not too dissimilar to choosing coal or steam). Another thing that is very similar between both games is that each map offers something different. This can be mined for resources, hunted for food, worshipped by ancient gods… all these things will determine how easy it might be to survive there.


Although not set in the Ice Age like Frostpunk this game does offer some similarities. Banished allows you to lead a group of people who are exiled from their homeland, much like the city of survivors were in Frostpunk. What’s the difference? They have to find their own resources, which can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. But like Frostpunk there is more than one way to play it, for example instead of keeping everyone alive you could kill off the weak and infirm.

Surviving Mars

Similarities between Surviving Mars and Frostpunk are similar to Northgard; you must manage your resources to survive. Although the game has no winter (and therefore no Ice Age), I thought it should be included since resource management is still key. It also offers randomly generated maps which means you will never get bored of playing the same map over and over again! One significant difference about Surviving Mars compared with other games on this is that this game does not give you direct control over the people, this is all done through building structures.

Dawn of Man

This game is relatively new but offers a very different gameplay style to Northgard, Banished or Surviving Mars. You play as an ancient tribe facing many challenges (similar to the struggles faced by the characters in Frostpunk) and must develop your civilization/tribe to deal with these threats. This game has no wintery elements like Frostpunk but does offer dynamic weather conditions that bring something new each time you play it. Another big difference from other games on this list is that Dawn of Man is more focused about combat strategy while most others are more focused on survival skills alone.

They Are Billions

If you enjoyed playing Frostpunk you will love They Are Billions. They are very similar games in terms of style, although they do difference quite significantly. One big difference is that this game has no wintery setting but instead offers a post apocalyptic zombie survival experience. There’s no city building involved like Frostpunk, instead you manage your turrets and other defenses to prevent your colony from being overrun by the undead!

Aven Colony

Similarities between Aven Colony and Frostpunk are limited to the fact that they both offer an Ice Age experience; Aven colony does not have any snow or winter elements (therefore no frozen tundra landscape) but instead features lush vegetation and warm climate. What defines it as an “Ice Age” game is its sci-fi setting which reminds me of the world seen in Oblivion.

Oxygen Not Included

Finally, Oxygen not included offers another interesting take on survival strategy. You are tasked with surviving deep beneath the surface of a planet that has no breathable atmosphere which means you have to manage your oxygen levels carefully. If you’re careful, each playthrough can offer something new as you try out different strategies for staying alive!


I know I said at the beginning that these games were “similar” but this one is more so a spiritual successor rather than being similar in terms of gameplay style. Although there are some similarities between Rimworld and Frostpunk, overall they are very different games. But what makes them similar is their subject matter; both feature ice age settings and focus on survival. In Rimworld, it’s a planetary ice age rather than an Ice Age city building strategy game like Frostpunk.


I would class this as a farm simulator more so than a survival strategy game but this is still an interesting take on the farming genre. This game features a large landscape to explore and build your farm on, just be careful of the bears that roam its wilds! You should also keep your eyes peeled for other AI characters as they may come in useful as you play through the game.

Frostpunk was designed to offer a unique experience based around fear, hope and struggle against harsh odds, many of these games offer similar experiences even if they have different gameplay styles or genres.


This list of games like Frostpunk offers a range of interesting experiences that fans of this game should enjoy. If you liked the dynamic challenges and the threat of complete failure combined with the struggle for survival then any one of these games will offer an experience you can identify with!

However, if there’s any other games like Frostpunk you think I’ve missed out please leave a comment below and let me know! This is by no means exhaustive as far as such games go (for instance, Banished has similar elements but is not included here) so it would be great to hear about titles I’m missing!

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