Fletching Darts to 99 in OSRS – Cost & XP/hr

Fletching is one of the easiest skills to train in old school runescape as it can be quite AFK while providing fast xp and decent profit along the way.

However, in this guide we will be going over how to get 99 fletching using darts which will not be profitable and will instead cost you alot. You will get incredible fast xp per hour though.

To get started you will need to complete the tourist trap quest and ideally get 37 fletching so you can start making steel darts.

Steel Darts – Level 37 – 52

You will need to make 12,825 steel darts to get your fletching from 37-52, this will cost you about 650,000gp.

If you are not an ironman you can head to the grand exchange and purchase 12,825 feathers and 12825 steel dart tips.

Mithril Darts – Level 52 – 67

To get 67 fletching you will need to make 37,884 mithril darts which will cost you roughly 2,650,000gp.

You may want to continue using mithril darts all the way up to 99 as it will be cheaper than using adamant.

How many mithril darts from 52 – 99 fletching?

It will take you 1,152,748 mithril darts to get from level 52 – 99 and will cost you 80,692,360gp.

Adamant Darts – Level 67 – 99

It will take a total of 832,432 adamant darts to get your fletching to 99, at a total cost of about 83,243,200gp.

Is it worth training fletching with darts?

I think it’s good to train some of your fletching with darts as you can actually do it while training other skills like agility in between obstacles or even while questing. It’s very hard on your fingers though and could potentially cause RSI so I wouldn’t want to be doing it for long periods of time.

It’s my favorite way of leveling fletching up for quests or achievement diaries as I can be a little impatient.

Using darts all the way to 99 will cost you roughly 80m – 90m depending on prices so that probably isn’t worth while for most people.

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