OSRS Fletching Guide – Levels 1-99 (Updated 2020)

Levels 1-25: Headless Arrows

Need to make 7,842 headless arrows (35k-40k xp/hr)

For the first 25 levels you’ll want to be making headless arrows, it’s good early xp and will even net you a little profit. To get started you’ll need to buy 7,842 feathers and arrow shafts and then you start gaining xp.

Levels 25-35: String Oak Longbows

Need to make 583 strung oak longbows (50k-55k xp/hr)

From levels 25-35 you want to be stringing oak longbows as they give quite a significant boost to xp compared to headless arrows. You will require 583 unstrung oak longbows and 583 bowstrings to get the 14,564 xp required to get level 35.

Levels 35-37: String Willow Longbows

Need to make 153 strung willow longbows (85k-90k xp/hr)

This is a relatively short milestone as we will be switching to willow longbows for only 2 levels but the xp per hour is significantly higher so it’s worth doing. You will require 153 unstrung willow longbows and 153 bowstrings to gain the 5,067xp needed for level 37.

Levels 37-52: Steel Darts

Need to make 12,825 steel darts (600k-650k xp/hr)


Levels 52-67: Mithril Darts

Need to make 37,884 mithril darts (900k-950k xp/hr)


Levels 67-99: Adamant Darts

Need to make 832,432 adamant darts (1000k-1300k xp/hr)


Alternative Methods That Make Profit And Are Less Click Intensive

Making darts from levels 37-99 is definitely the way to go if the money or click intensity is not a problem but for many of you playing OSRS you’ll want something much more AFK and ideally making a profit at the end.

Here are the best methods for doing so.

Levels 55+: Maple Longbows

Cutting Maple Longbows (120k-130k xp/hr)

100k-110k gp/hr

Levels 70+: Yew Longbows

Cutting Yew Longbows (170k-180k xp/hr)

230k-250k gp/hr

Levels 85+: Magic Longbows

Cutting Magic Longbows (200k-210k xp/hr)

150k-170k gp/hr

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