How To Stop People Eating Food in RS3 Wilderness PVP

PVP in Rs3 is quite fast paced and someone will die very quickly if you are able to stop them from eating for just a few seconds while you launch a combo at them.

In Runescape 3 you can stop people eating food by stunning them with your abilities. They will still be able to drink potions while stunned so depending on their setup they may be able to gain health through drinking saradomin brews or other healing potions.

How To Eat Food While Stunned In The Wilderness?

If you get stunned in PVP with another player and desperately need to eat food to live then you can use the freedom ability which will cleanse you of all stuns and give you about 6 seconds of stun immunity.

What Abilities Can Stop People Eating Food in The Wilderness?

Attack Abilities That Stun

  • Backhand
  • Forceful Backhand

Strength Abilities That Stun

  • Kick
  • Stomp
  • Destroy

Ranged Abilities That Stun

  • Tight Bindings
  • Binding Shot
  • Demoralise
  • Rout

Magic Abilities That Stun

  • Deep Impact
  • Impact
  • Shock
  • Horror
  • Asphyxiate

How To Kill People By Using Stuns In The Wilderness

PVP can be quite chaotic and usually the best way to kill someone is by using a powerful combo that they can’t heal through.

To do this well you want to fight them for a little bit and take note of when they eat food to heal, if they wait until they are below 50% health to eat then that’s when you want to combo them. First make sure your adrenaline is high and then hit them with a stun when they are just below 50% health and quickly combo them to death.

This may take a bit of practice as you’ll need to make sure you know your ability combo well and are managing your adrenaline properly.

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